Why have I been asked to verify my profile?


Last Update il y a 2 ans

Ensuring the Melanin Matchmaker community is safe and honest is very important to us. We ask users to verify themselves to show they are who they say they are in their profile photos and avoid catfishing and scammers. This gives potential matches confidence and creates a safer and more honest community.

To verify your profile, navigate to the account tab and tap the verify profile button. 

Then take a selfie, striking the pose you see on your screen. Please note your selfie photo is not stored in our system and won't be shown to anyone else. 

Your profile should be reviewed and hopefully verified within 30 minutes. 

If confirmed, you will see a confirmed verified badge in your account tab and a verification badge will be visible on your profile for other users to see. 

If denied, we may ask you to verify yourself again or in some circumstances may deactivate your account.

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